MUSINGS 1 …….. Body Talk

“Pharmaceutical drugs remove the physical symptoms that can guide us to real inner healing ”


Any dis-ease , whether acute or chronic, mild or severe, may be our bodies attempt to talk/communicate with us.

Our physical pain often represents a deeper inner emotional /mental suffering.

Our bodies message is  very clear and specific.

It is our loyal servant and will reflect everything we consciously and subconsciously are thinking and feeling.

For instance many women who have repeated bladder infections may actually be feeling”pissed off”with their partner or boss .

Children whose parents fight or shout may have frequent ear infections . They cannot tolerate the turmoil.

Of course you will want to treat the condition quickly but missing the message is missing an opportunity to make important changes that will prevent reoccurrence.

Louise Hay was one of the first to publish an extensive list of the essence of the specific  emotional conflict behind every physical ailment.

Dr Geerd Hamer , Joan Borysenko ,Ph D,  Steven E. Locke, M.D  and other specialists in the field of PSYCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY   have expanded on this and we now have established solid evidence that emotions and mental attitudes strongly effect the immune system.

Naturally diet ,clean air and water are fundamental to good health , however we are first and foremost spiritual beings having a physical experience.

When we  loose that spiritual connection we suffer…..

Over the next months we will go deeper in to this mind /body connection.

Musing ahead…






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