Relax and Reflect Retreat

A detox for your body and mind

healthy steps to take

Your step by step approach to better health

This detox retreat is designed to remove stress and help you remember your life’s purpose.

Your programme will include yoga, meditation and EFT, and a wholesome and realistic (mainly raw) diet. All of which will take place in the tranquility of the Vale de Torre, with the guidance and support of the team. Afternoons will be yours to relax, read and create onsite, help tend to the gardens or horses, or explore the surrounding area at your own pace.

On arrival, you will have a consultation with Dr Hans. He will take your history and do a physical checkup which includes medical palmistry, facial analyses, and kinesiology. You will then be given homeopathic remedies and Bach flowers that will best support your detox, and release blockages on a physical and emotional level. Together, you will try to establish the main issue to work on in the EFT session with Laura and discuss the length and type of fast that is best suited for you. 

We use, as much as possible, locally sourced fresh produce. 

Your Relax and Reflect programme

  • Initial consultation with Dr Hans.
  • EFT session with Laura.
  • Daily yoga-inspired relax and meditation practices.
  • Tibetan bowl meditation with Kate.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan meals with a three days juice fast with three fresh, mainly organic, juices per day
  • Unlimited herbal teas.
  • Use of the sauna.
  • Help, support and advice as you need it.

The Relax and Reflect Retreat lasts six days, starting around 17h00 on the first day, ending on after breakfast on the last. (You may arrive earlier on Day 1 – from midday onwards – and leave later on Day 6, depending on the times of your flight.)


Medical history

Please inform us beforehand of any existing medical issues that Dr Hans should be aware of. Bring your medical file, lab test results and medicines, if possible. These will be an essential part of your initial consultation, where your individual programme will be established.

Unfortunately, due to the challenging nature of our remote location, we cannot accept people with serious physical disabilities. If you are in any doubt about your situation, please ask on the form below.