Your home-from-home in Portugal


The Cottage has its own garden and east-facing deck

Everything about your retreat at Vale de Torre is about your level of comfort. You can choose to be with friends – old or new – in the Cottage. Surround yourself with nature in the  Mill. Or enjoy your stay in one of the glamorous Bell Tents. Numbers of your fellow guests are limited, so you will never feel overwhelmed – whatever you decide.

The Cottage and Annex

poemOn the east side of this beautifully restored cottage is a wide deck with a glorious breakfast-time view of the rising sun. From here, you can gaze across the treetops to the medieval tower in the vineyard at the far end of the valley. Or let your eyes rest on the stream that ripples through the woods.

This charming home-from-home sleeps three people, in one double bed and two singles, with a further double bed in the nearby Annex. Both are built from traditional granite and share the living, cooking and bathroom facilities. Surrounding the buildings is a lovingly maintained garden, from which a stone pathway leads down to the main house.

The Mill

Beyond the stream is a new wooden studio built on top of the original mill. From here, if you are quiet for long enough – and have a bit of luck – you should see the a family of otters and the small trout who live in the fast-running water. The studio has one double bed, a small kitchenette and a Swedish-designed compost toilet. Outside, the shower completes the facilities which are the perfect choice for those who want to be immersed in nature.

Bell Tents

If you want to be a millimetre from the outside world, with all the comforts of home, you can opt for one of two Bell Tents. One is furnished with a double bed. The other with a single. Both of them are pitched in carefully selected, secluded places close to the steam and woodlands. And both share the compost toilet and shower facilities of the main house.

The School

If there is a centre at Vale de Torre, it is the old primary school. In one half of the building you will find the consulting room where you will have your initial session with Dr Hans, and any checkups that may be necessary during your stay. It is also where the yoga takes place when it is too fresh outside.

The rest of the building is taken up by the kitchen and workshop. This multipurpose space is for you to use as you like. You will find a range of art materials, an extensive library, a piano, and a space where you can meet, mingle, or just relax. Meals will be shared, juices sipped, hammocks lazed in and ideas will be exchanged with others.

Outside is a large spacious area for yoga and communal meditations. A perfect playground for a school offering the education you always needed!

Your place

Around the Vale de Torre, you will find an endless choice of quiet secluded spaces where you may find a bench, a log or a bolder to sit on, or hammock to lie in. Wherever you feel most comfortable, at home, or connected to the abundant energy of nature. Because your place find be difficult to reach, it is essential to bring footwear that is suitable for walking and exploring. In the School, you will find information on the edible plants growing wild in the Vale, and some of the wildlife to look for. If in doubt, feel free to ask.

It is important for you to feel at liberty during your stay. These spaces are your spaces. You will not see “Private” signs but you should always be sensitive to other guests, who may be quietly sitting in their chosen spot to be alone. You will also be asked to leave your mobile phone(s) either in the School or in your car.

Although one of our greatest conveniences, they are also one of the biggest stresses of modern life.